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Chroma meter with computer interface
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Chroma meter with computer interface
Product Code : 20

Chroma meter with computer interface

  • Triple Display, 4-digit LCD reading.
  • LED Color Bin select function (x,y) or (Tcp, ?uv).
  • User calibration function.
  • User reference value setting function.
  • Illuminance maximum/minimum measurement function.
  • Data Hold function.
  • Data memory and read function.
  • Data logger function.
  • Auto power off function.
  • USB Interface.
Electrical Specifications: Display -Triple display 4 digit LCD read out.
Measuring function
Tristimulus values: XYZ
Chromaticity: (Ev, x, y); (Ev, u', v'); (Ev, λd, Pe); (Ev, λd, Pc);(Ev, MAX, MIN).
Correlated color temperature: (Ev, Tcp, ?uv); (?Ev, ?Tcp, ?uv?)
Color difference: (?X, ?Y, ?Z); (?Ev, ?x, ?y); (?Ev, ?u', ?v');(?Ev, ?u'v'); (?Ev, ?λd, ?Pe); (?Ev, ?λd, ?Pc)
Measuring range 0.1 to 99990 lx, 0.01 to 9999 fc (Chromaticity: 5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above)
Accuracy Ev (Linearity): ±3%rdg±2dgts
xy: ±0.02 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
Ev: ±0.5%rdg±1dgt
xy: ±0.003 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
Temperature drift Ev: ±5%rdg±2dgts, xy: ±0.008
Humidity drift Ev: ±3%rdg±2dgts, xy: ±0.005
CIE photopic f '1 ?%
Cosine response f2 ?%
Measuring Rate 1 sec
Photosensor Silicon photocell
Data Memory Capacity 80 sets. (Direct reading from LCD display)
Data Logger Capacity microSD CARD 4GB
Operating / Storage
0?to 50?<80% RH / -10?to 60?<70%RH
Power Source 6 pcs AAA size Battery
Battery Life (typical) 100 hours
Photosensor Lead
150 cm (approx.)
93(L) × 60(W) × 27(H)mm
Dimension 150(L) × 72(W) × 35(H)mm
Weight Meter: 235g, Photo sensor: 210g
Accessories Carrying case, Instruction manual, Battery, CD software, USB cable.